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Over a month ago, I was searching the internet for a pair of Von Zipper Comsat Sunglasses. I found one site had them for $20 less than the rest of the sites, and that was Zumiez.com.

While I was on the site I noticed that they had a "buy 1, get 1 50% off" deal on jeans. So I found two pair of jeans that I am very familiar with, one I was really excited about, they were the RVCA Chevy's.

In about a week or so, I received my packages from Zumiez. I had spent nearly $200 on their site mind you. The first thing I did was opened my Von Zipper Comsat Sunglasses. I was disappointed to find out that in the Comsat box, was a pair of Deccos (another, cheaper style of Von Zipper). I took pictures for proof, and sent them back to the company.

I immediately put the jeans in the wash with my colors as I planned on wearing the RVCA Chevy's later that night. Guess what? When I took my clothes out, I found out that they never sent me RVCA Chevy's. They sent me RVCA Regulars. A similar style, just a tad thinner, and NO stretch like the Chevy's have.

I contacted the site, I contacted Paypal....guess what? Paypal told me to send the sunglasses back, and they would refund my accont once I posted the tracking number. NOPE. I NEVER received the $85 refund for the sunglasses, and since I washed the jeans, I lost that case too.

Meanwhile, they were'nt even nice about it. They were one of the nastiest companies I ever dealt with.

STAY FAR AWAY FROM ZUMIEZ.COM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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who took those pictures, your infant child?


If zumies sent me the wrong stuff in my package with the invoice of what i actually ordered and i called and had them send what i actually orderd and i received it do i have to return the wrong items they sent me on their mistake


The easiest way to have had that taken care of would be to have taken them to a store. Zumiez fulfills its online orders through its stores and they go by SKUs and photos. It's very easy to mix up items that look almost exactly the same.

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